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Wild at Heart
Bringing nature home
Wild at Heart
Bringing nature home
Wild at Heart
Bringing nature home

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Body and home care products handcrafted from whole herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils such as argan and sweet almond oil, and minerals.

Sustainability, organic methods, and Fair Trade are the cornerstones of practice at Wild At Heart so you can rest assured when you bring home a Wild At Heart product, you are bringing nature home.

I was happy to attend your essential oil presentation at the Center for Psychological Services.  It was such an informative and interesting topic.  I have bought essential oils, but I have never researched the quality or safety of the products.  You informed me about the benefits as well as the cautions when using essential oils. I also enjoyed learning about the different ways to use the oils.   I hope to continue to use essential oils for myself as well as my sons. -Kristina Geary



Just wanted to thank you again for your professional, and enjoyable presentation to our group. Your depth of understanding of the products you offer and the intricacies of the science and art behind them is impressive! Your delivery is conversational and comfortable. The quality of the products we sampled was the best I have experienced. I know that your future is bright!

Vicki Williams

I thought you were very well informed on the topic of essential oils. You were quick to find the answers to difficult questions if the answer did not immediately come to a point of reference. I really appreciated the follow-up on some specific questions that were asked during the presentation, and certainly learned a lot in the time that we met for. I think the safety of essential oils is an important topic and I am happy to see that you are sharing this knowledge with others.

Adam Becerra