A main value of Wild At Heart Botanicals is the belief that the way to make the industry of herbs and aromatherapy products sustainable is through the collaboration of the cottage industry businesses. With this in mind, I would like to introduce The Wacky Wanderers, a mother, Diane, and daughter, Kaylyn duo. Together they are an artisan team that creates beautiful jewelry inspired by their love of nature and travel. Wild At Heart has obtained many of their pieces that incorporate small amber bottles. When I first found their necklaces with the amber bottles I felt as though someone had jumped inside my head and brought to life a dream. I know I have mentioned in my previous blog on aromatherapy that using essential oils with a “less is more” mindset is not only good for our well-being but also the well-being of the planet. These necklaces provide an avenue for use in this manner.

When I sat down with Diane, I was not surprised to learn that the necklaces were created with this use in mind. So in this mother-daughter team, I have found kindred spirits, to borrow a phrase from Anne, Lucy Maud Montgomery’s brave orphan who, like us, overcame many of life’s challenges in her Anne of Green Gables book series. Yes, The Wacky Wanderers are kindred spirits indeed and I love their amber jar and rollerball collection which go perfectly with your choice of Wild At Heart Botanicals synergistic or rollerball blends. Go to our sales page to find more of their aromatherapy necklaces here. Or to see their extensive collection of artisan jewelry go to their webpage here. 

    Here are ways I enjoy using my Wacky Wanderer necklace

  1. Supporting triggers- My PTSD is triggered in social situations and I never know what will bring it on. I keep essential oils close so when I am triggered, I can quickly take a whiff of my aromatherapy blend.  I have found this helps keep me grounded and present. More on how this in an upcoming blog.
  2. Scent at your fingertips-Handy to add to household diffusers, car diffusers, or the laundry. When I need to get a diffuser going, I have what I need right at my fingertips with my Wacky Wanderer necklace. 
  3. On the go – If I’m out and about and in need of a rest stop, I find it very handy to have a bit of aromatherapy with me, whether it be to freshen a latrine or give me antibacterial support or both! 

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