I founded Wild At Heart Botanicals with a purpose not only to bring high-quality natural products to consumers but also with the intention to raise awareness on social issues surrounding the natural product industry. So I found it essential (pun intended) to include my mission in the name of the company. 

It is known in the herbal world that compounds that make an herb high-quality are often found at their best in the wild, growing as nature intended and among their plant companions. There is a synergy in nature that we quite frankly, just don’t yet fully understand. However, it is our responsibility to our planet and to future generations to ensure that these plant habitats are protected and allowed to flourish untouched so we are able to learn from them for generations to come. The more we know about nature, the more we can live in harmony with her. 

Wild At Heart Botanicals seeks out sustainably sourced ingredients whether that means it is wildcrafted sustainably or organically grown. But I don’t stop there. Before the development of a new product begins I go to the CITES database to ensure the ingredients are not endangered or at risk. If I find there is an ingredient I would like to use, but it’s at-risk or endangered, I find an alternative. That may come in the form of finding farmers who have created sustainable practices for that ingredient or it may mean I find an alternative ingredient.  

I believe it is important for future generations that we pay attention to what nature provides us. That we respect it, not by ignoring it, not by demolishing it, and not by overusing it. I believe what puts the “wild” in Wild At Heart Botanicals, is just that, I keep the wilderness at the heart of the development of its products. I continue my education on best practices to ensure we may continue Bringing Nature Home. 

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